Next Event – San Antonio Highland Games

April 3-5, 2020
Helotes Festival Grounds
12210 Leslie Road, Helotes TX 78023

Viking Invasion/Texas Jomsborg Elag will be returning this year to the San Antonio Highland Games! There will be an authentic encampment with fight demonstrations, crafts and artifacts, and information on the Viking history of the northern British isles. Did you know, for instance, that the entire British royal family descends from William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy? William himself was a Norman and descendent of Rollo (yes, that Rollo from TV’s Vikings), a viking raider from Scandinavia who was known as Hrolf (or Ganger-Hrolf: “Hrolf the walker”) prior to his conversion from heathenry to Christianity when he became the first ruler of Normandy. The United Kingdom is today ruled by the descendants of vikings!

Don’t miss this exciting event — come out and discover what Vikings have to do with the history of Ireland and Scotland!

About Viking Invasion

Viking Invasion is a non-profit living history and historical fencing organization located in central Texas. The Texas Jomsborg and Ùtland Storm comprise the core of this group alongside other re-enactors, historians, and craftsmen that together explore the ancient arts of the Viking Age. Members not only explore the past, but also seek to apply its relevant virtues of Courage, Honor, Strength, Loyalty, and Brotherhood to the modern day. Explore the past and evolve into the future alongside the honored oathsworn of Jomsborg, and find your place among them!