Next Event – Austin Celtic Festival

November 5-6, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
2101 Jesse E. Segovia St, Austin, Tx 78702, USA

Viking Invasion/Texas Jomsborg Elag will be returning this year to the Austin Celtic Festival — the largest Celtic festival in Central Texas. There will be an authentic encampment with fight demonstrations, crafts and artifacts, and information on the Viking history of the northern British isles.

Additionally, this year the Texas Jomsborg Elag will be joined not only be several Black Wolf Vikings, but also by Jomsborg’s Miklagard Uflag from London! Our brothers from across the pond are seasoned fighters specializing in the portrayal of the Varangian guard, who have been featured in several television spots – see them below in Ancient Black Ops:

Don’t miss this exciting event — come out and discover what Vikings have to do with the history of Ireland and Scotland at our biggest ACF event ever!

About Viking Invasion

Viking Invasion is a non-profit living history and historical fencing organization located in central Texas. The Texas Jomsborg and Ùtland Storm comprise the core of this group alongside other re-enactors, historians, and craftsmen that together explore the ancient arts of the Viking Age. Members not only explore the past, but also seek to apply its relevant virtues of Courage, Honor, Strength, Loyalty, and Brotherhood to the modern day. Explore the past and evolve into the future alongside the honored oathsworn of Jomsborg, and find your place among them!