What is Viking Invasion?

Viking Invasion is a group of Viking Age re-enactors led by the Texas Elag. Our group is dedicated to bringing Viking Age history to life through live-steel combat, the learning and practice of period crafts, and authentic daily life demonstrations. We are composed of fighters, craftsman, storytellers, historians, and other Viking Age enthusiasts. We are always open to new members—read more to see how you can become part of living history. Become of member of Brotherhood of Jomsborg today!

Who can join?

Viking Invasion is open to all who are interested in Viking history. We re-enact the lives of the Vikings, so all aspects are represented in our group. Some examples of activities we regularly engage in are:

– Blacksmithing
– Leather Working
– Cooking
– Weaving
– Ship Building
– Storytelling
– Brewing
– Bronze Casting
– Live-Steel Combat (AGE 16+)
– And much more….

With so many choices, your experience with Viking Invasion is near limitless; come and find your inner Viking.

Is this group religious in any way?

No. While we nurture an appreciation for Norse mythology and what it can teach us about the values and worldview of the time, religion is not a focus of the group. As such, we welcome people of any religious background, provided they have an interest in Viking Age history and culture and they are able to put aside any potential differences of faith with other members.

Is this group affiliated or otherwise aligned with white supremacists, nationalists, or Nazis?

Absolutely not. Historically, the Vikings traded and assimilated with many cultures. Those who claim the Viking spirit to be aligned with racist ideologies are misguided. If that connection is something you seek, then we are not the group for you.

Is this a LARP group?

No. Viking Invasion and the broader organization of Jomsborg are neither LARP nor SCA, though we do have members who have found us through the LARP and SCA scenes. There are no characters, no story, no stats. Your are yourself, your ability when sparring is yours alone, and we train in plain, comfortable clothes and minimal protective gear. In this respect, we have far more in common with HEMA than we do with LARP, though it has to be said that, as there are no surviving martial treatises detailing the time period on which we focus (Royal Armories MS I.33 is the closest), much of our martial reconstruction work is necessarily more speculative in nature than that of later-period HEMA organizations.

Combat in the Jomsviking system is very akin to other forms of sport fencing. There are various defined target areas and rules in any given sparring match. Hits are on the honor system, which work as we all train for personal betterment and growth, and to build team cohesion — when Jomsborg takes the field at Moesgård or Wolin, we all fight beside each other as brothers. We may play combat oriented games in a training event that are geared towards teaching various mechanics, tactics, or situational awareness, but the focus is on learning to properly use the equipment at hand, and not at creating a LARP story.

Viking Invasion trains three different “rule” systems, ranging from the Western European sparring rules (essentially no head shots, no forearm/hand or lower leg/foot shots) all the way to the Huscarl system (full target, HEMA mask and other appropriate protection required).

The goals or sparring within this system are to learn to fight properly and cleanly with the tools of the Viking Age, to build brotherhood and unit cohesion, to increase physical fitness, learn new skills, and have fun.

What can I expect as a Viking Invasion member?

As a member of Viking Invasion you will be welcomed into the Brotherhood of Jomsborg, a part of the greater Army of Jomsborg that is an international group of Viking warriors and re-enactors. You will be able to participate in events throughout Europe and North America, performing for the public, and immersing yourself in the lifestyle of a person from the Viking Age.

Viking Invasion itself does several public events every year as well as private events in which immersion in Viking life is emphasized. Craft lessons and projects are always ongoing and the fighters train regularly. This group is very active, and there is almost always some sort of activity to participate in.

But that is not all: as a member, you have control over what you will become, and within the group you will find experience and knowledge to help you find your own path in the Viking Age.

Tell me more about live steel fighting!

Live steel combat is fought using rebated steel weapons. This means that the weapons have blunted edges, but are in all other aspects identical to the weapons of the Viking Age.

To become a warrior in Viking Invasion you will train the Jomsviking system of martial arts. This system will train you to use sword, hand axe, Dane axe, long spear, short spear, seax, and round shield. The emphasis of this art is control, precision, tactics, and discipline with all weapons. You will learn to fight one-on-one and with a unit of fighters. This is not a choreographed fighting style, and training is constant for all fighters.

Due to the nature of the Jomsviking system of martial arts, no one under the age of 16 is eligible, and all under 18 must have parental consent.

If you are interested, please come out to one of our training sessions. You can find the training schedule on our: Calendar.

It is not necessary for you to have a weapon or kit for your first few training sessions, but please contact Rob Kilbourn at styrsman.rkilbourn@gmail.com so we know to expect you.

Tell me more about crafts and projects!

Viking Invasion is constantly working on projects to recreate the life of a person in the Viking Age. These projects can be anything that was used or done in the Viking Age, from sewing authentic clothing to building a Longship. If there is something you are interested in, the knowledge and experience within the group will aid you in accomplishing your goal. The satisfaction of crafting something with your own hands is unparalleled, and the skills that you learn in this group will enable you to accomplish real world projects with ease. There is no limit to what you can do as a craftsman—try it all.

If you would like to learn more about Viking Age crafts and daily life please contact: styrsman.rkilbourn@gmail.com.

You can find our project schedule on our: Calendar.

Where is Viking Invasion located?

Viking Invasion is located in the Central Texas area between Waco, TX and San Antonio, TX. Most of our members reside in Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, and the surrounding hill country.

I want Vikings at my Event! What do you do? How can I book you?

Viking Invasion encompasses all aspects of daily Viking Age life. From crafts to cooking to martial demonstrations, we can provide many activities for your attendees.

This sounds fun! How do I join?

If you would like to join please contact our Styrsman, Rob Kilbourn, at styrsman.rkilbourn@gmail.com.


For all other inquiries, please also send an email to styrsman.rkilbourn@gmail.com