The Jomsvikings is a unique brotherhood of viking warriors. First formed in 1988, they have grown to an international force in the modern viking cultural movement. They have unparalleled experience in various forms of viking combat. They are also committed to forging an organization capable of conducting and attending both large and small festivals around the world. The Jomsvikings have also used their high standards of combat ability to appear in both film and documentary productions. They are known for their advanced fighting skills and superior showmanship, and have a strong loyalty to each other.
The Jomsvikings are named after a legendary band of warriors from the 10th century, who operated out of Jomsborg, a fortress on the baltic coast.
The current Jomsvikings are at the elite level of the wider organization of Jomsborg. Jomsborg is made up many lags (warrior bands) all over the world, from Australasia to the north of Europe. Jomsborg is a centralized, coordinated organization that can field armies for battle demonstrations, film productions or competitive, fighting events. The breadth of their experience makes them the world’s leading viking combat organization.

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