Jomsborg is a worldwide organization of Modern Vikings whose members hail from many continents. We take seriously the spirit of the historical Vikings and we live to embody that spirit in the modern world.

Modern Vikings are warriors, artisans and explorers who spend our lives pursuing challenge, growth, victory and brotherhood. Coming from many cultures and belief systems, we set aside our differences and belong to something greater than ourselves. We strive to live up to–and are nourished by–the central oath that makes us strong: “One Shield, One Brotherhood.”

Though united by this powerful value, Jomsborg is first and foremost an army whose members are oathbound to the leaders above them. Worldwide, the Jomsborg is led by a Jarl selected by a ruling council of senior figures. Under the leadership of the Jarl, the world is organized into five Storms: North, South, East, West and Útland (“Outer Lands”). Each Storm is commanded by a Storm Commander whose job is to facilitate the training, growth, and mutual support of the chapters in his charge.

Each chapter is called a Jomsborgelag (or ‘Lag for short) and is led by a Styrsman. The job of the Styrsman is to keep his oathbound members ever on a path of growth and readiness, and to ensure that the spirit of the brotherhood animates everything we do.

Induction into a ‘Lag is not quick or automatic. One must exhibit drive and dedication over the better part of a year to become a member, bring something to the group that makes us all better, and fit into the group socially.

The best-of-the-best fighters in the Jomsborg can take a series of tests to become Jomsvikings, though it is an honor rarely bestowed. Worldwide there are over a thousand oath-sworn in the Jomsborg, but only a few dozen Jomsvikings.

The Jomsborg organization banner is a red cross on black background, which is also official shield colors of every fighter.