For more than a decade, the Texas Jomsborgelag has been the foot-hold of the Jomsborg in the United States. After the Jomsvikings invaded Waco, Texas in 2004, seeds were planted and the first Lag in the Americas was founded. Now the time has come for a Storm to break on the shores of the West!

The oathsworn of the Ùtland Storm are defining the frontier of the Jomsborg path in the New World. We cherish our European origins and we strive to expand and evolve the Modern Viking Culture in the Americas. To thrive on the frontier, you must create the world in which you want to live. This challenge calls to the best of us as Vikings and we face it with exultant conviction that the best is always yet to come.

To fully honor historical Viking culture, we hold the skills of warriors and artisans in equal standing. Martially, we focus on Western, Eastern, and Huscarl styles of combat, dedicated to the cultivation of warriors adept at a true martial art. Our Hearth excels in many aspects of Viking craft, from brewing and beadmaking to leather- wood- and metal-work, and fiber arts of every kind. Importantly, the Hearth supports fighters in their training and fighters are encouraged to acquire and develop hearth skills, deepening our mutual respect and bonds of brotherhood with every training.

Over the last decade, Ùtland storm has spread throughout the Americas, with oathsworn Lags in Boston, Dallas, and the Central Texas area, and prospect Lags in Georgia, Florida, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, and many other locations.

The Storm Commander for the Ùtland Storm branch of Jomsborg is David Kilbourn. More information on can be found at the Ùtland Storm website.